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Testimonials from My Clients

Our clients have achieved remarkable results by partnering with us. But don't take our word for it - here are just a few of the many positive comments we've received from our satisfied clients.

Product Manager - Government Agency

During our engagement our product teams gained many valuable insights and knowledge around agile principles and best practices that we will apply to our way of working. To really understand what topics our teams would benefit most from, they took the time to meet with individual members across the teams and joined our ceremonies to get an understanding of gaps and opportunities. Once we agreed on the priority order of workshops, they facilitated 10 bespoke sessions which covered a variety of topics from Agile principles to self-organisation and product management. The structure and scope of each workshop was clearly defined, with each starting with a theory component followed by an interactive practical component where team members could apply learnings in real time with a team based activity. The team not only thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, but we have already applied numerous learnings to our ways of working to improve efficiencies and our operating rhythm to help take us to the next level of delivering value to our customers and product

Development Lead - Global Financial Services Company

prior to engaging new features in our product would typically take 270 days.  after working with Agile Dimensions we were able to bring down the time to delivery new features down to 63 days!

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